Physical delivery of certificate

Apologies upfront as you may have come across a similar question previously but I really can’t find a clear answer. I passed level 3 (June 2017) but have not yet paid my dues to become a member after receiving the result. I am currently employed in debt management within the ministry of finance. Am I to receive some sort of physical certificate showing that I completed the program or is it subject to:-

  1. the payment of dues for the coming year?

  2. you do not receive anything until 4 years of relevant work experience have been approved?

To make matters worse, we don’t have a local CFA society and my area had massive issues with post delivery these past few months so I don’t really know if I should be expecting something at all or it was lost/stolen in transit.

Thanks for your help

Both 1 and 2

Thank you. I will sort out the fees in the immediate, then I’ll just wait for the work experience to be approved.

Get the experience approved first. Protip