Physical exam details

Hi community! 2-year visitor, 1st time participant!

Very simple question : what does the paper version of the AM section look like? Is it 2 booklets? One for the questions and another where we actually answer? Or one booklet where the questions are followed by blank spaces?

I want to reproduce the exact same conditions for my mocks.

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take a look at the 2013 onwards papers posted on line. they are an exact replica of what the paper looks like. question + ruled paper for answering in between + templates for appropriate template related questions also in between.

print them back to back - and you have your exam booklet.

also remember - you are NOT allowed to (or should not) take apart the paper.

For a moment there I thought that the thread title meant that you were going to give us the details of your physical exam.


Use the latest exam which is 2015 they keep changing formats slightly each year…

lol, well played.