Picking upwomen6

Howdoyoupick upchick s ? With laugh or with money ? Pleaze debate

Print this thread and hand it to a chick you’re trying to pick up. Tell her you’re this pathetic and she must bone you otherwise you’re going to throw yourself off a bridge.

btw, anyone else curious how a “6” was typed at the end of the title? It’s no where near the n key… Some funky indian keyboard setup?

if all else fails follow Bill’s advice

Use your knees on the passed out ones.


i pick woman up with laugh6…

If she’s a gold-digger, you need money. Otherwise, it’s pretty much all about how you talk to her, and making her laugh is a sure way to have her realize she feels good around you.

A few other things do matter:

  1. Physically, it’s more important to be “not unattractive” than to be “super attractive.”

  2. Be hygienic, washed, not overly perfumed, and definitely not smelling of halitosis or body odor.

  3. Dress with a sense of style, though it can be either formal or casual. Don’t trust your gut if you aren’t experienced in this. Instead, find a woman friend whose taste is similar to the women you like, and let her go shopping with you to chose a wardrobe for you.

  4. Treat waitstaff and service personnel with kindness and grace.

  5. Be proud of who you are, without being boastful. You can have defects, but be working on them.

  6. Look her in the eyes when you talk.

  7. Don’t be afraid to tell her she’s beautiful; just do it in a natural way.

  8. Tell her she’s interesting. Hopefully you are telling the truth when you do it.

  9. Though you don’t need riches to conquer her, remember that there’s little that will put her off more than if she feels you are being unnecessarily cheap (the key here is the word “unnecessarily”: you don’t have to be rich, but you do have to be generous within your means).

In short: lie through your teeth.


Why try to pick up a woman you don’t think is beautiful or interesting?

Reread your #8 . . . then get back to us.

  1. be direct. look intently. smile. mini nod. raise brows.

  2. introduce yourself. firm handshake.

  3. ask her how she doing. what she doing. and if shes single.

if all goes well, and she starts askin about u. she interested. get digits and i cant emphasize enuff the importance of a quick text after getting the digits with ur name and where u met them.

most imp. if unsuccesful. get fit.

but if fat, then get money, and be this guy.


Throw in random 6’s at the end of things. It works wonders, particularly when talking6.

Women, amiright??6

OK, I don’t lie through my teeth about this, but yes, I wrote that phrasal addendum because I understood that some people might.

Still, “in other words, lie through your teeth” is not what I was recommending; indeed, #8 indicates that I hope one isn’t lying.

I find it works really well when you simply gaze at a woman confidently. Not staring, but more cooly looking at her until she cannot hold your gaze and has to look away. Then, when she looks back you are still gazing coolly at her. She will approach you.

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Thank you. I was looking for this earlier.