Picture framing > CFA

Today I paid to have my charter framed and the experience leads me to conclude that picture framing > CFA (which of course >MBA).

It’s going to cost me $350 to frame the charter, nearly as much as it cost to get it (though admittedly I was talked into the special glass, fancy frame, cotton-derived cardboard stuff around the charter and a whole bunch of other s**t that I never knew was required when framing something). If the euro-zone really goes down the toilet and equity markets never recover, I’m going to become a picture framer. I wonder if there is a Chartered Picture Framer (CPF) I could study to prepare myself?

Congrats, that should look great on your wall. Can’t wait to get mine.

Congrats too, wondered what if potential or current employers asked to see the original of the Charter, would you take the frame to them?

I don’t think anyone would ask to see it to be honest - they can directly verify it from CFAI…

They make you pay $350 for the certificate?

How do you become a picture framer? Be an apprentice for some old guy for 20 years and then take over the shop when he dies?

Honestly, at this point in your career if you don’t have any history or experience with the industry, it probably doesn’t make sense to try to break into a field where the people you’re competing with will have 10+ years on you. It is usually easier to break into an up or downstream field if you are dead set on being involved in the industry. Maybe you could get into frame manufacturing or photography even. Unless your daddy has a lot of rich friends who will put money into your frame you should probably focus on an industry that is easier to break into.

Fill out an application at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. You’ll be a picture framer by the weekend.


Some good advice. But what if you’re already working in the industry in a more admin type role - doing the bookings, cash reconciliations, ordering supplies, tracking framing jobs…and you want to move to a position where you actually meet the customers and put the frames together? Wouldn’t a formal qualification in framing help you to get to that position?

Is the charter really that big thing they handed out at the new candidate dinner or is there another charter coming? It seems way too big for my office wall…

So, is there a charter for the picture framing profession? If so, it would be interesting if the final exam was to frame that charter.

I JUST got mine framed too. For me it cost $275 after tax (cash) at a small family owned shop. They put the non-glare glass and a sweet black frame that looks awesome with the dark black letters on the charter. They asked if I wanted it matted and I asked why someone would do that. The dude says to make it look bigger. We both looked at the charter and agreed it didnt need it. Your frame must be huge.

I picked out some fancy frame which clearly cost more than platinum on a per ounce basis, but it gives it a real nice old school look. From a distance you could be mistaken for thinking it’s an MBA from the University of Phoenix, which was the look I was really going for.

Paying $300+ to frame anything seems nuts to me. The CFAI-approved frame looks not-bad, at $152 (+ $25 shipping) http://www.framingsuccess.com/product/detail/sid/2624/productID/16790 Seeing as the CFA certificate is a standard 17"x22" size, there are many ok-looking ready-made options. Starting around $20 if you go the mat-less route… http://www.framedestination.com/ready_made_frames_from_frame_destination/fdi_17x22_picture_frame_black/item/rffdix00000000521200/

My university degrees - some $200,000 value - are in $5 Walgreens frames…

I got my frame from framingsuccess. I believe I even found like a 20% off coupon just by doing a web search too. I’m no frame expert, it seems like a pretty nice frame, very sturdy and fancy-looking. Plus it has the CFA Institute logo on the matte. I know other people who have spend $300+ and say mine looks better.

I haven’t framed mine yet. What frame (border) did you choose from framingsuccess?

I got the “CFA Embossed Frame with Royal Blue and Gold Double Mat and Gold Embossing in Windsor Moulding.” It looks pretty sweet.

I’d love to see the financials of a framing shop. I can’t figure out how prices range from $20 to $300 for something so similar.