Picture of Me Vs Fixed Income (chapter 49) and eastbound and down

I am Toby Powers little T-Rex toy and Fixed Income is the the oversized dildo that kenny powers inserted in his son T-Rex butthole to give him motion and noise making ability!

I d like to reverse the situation soon!

first time so far i feel like a review of level 1 would help tremendously

Hahahaha. Why wasn’t there a new episode this week, btw?

On a serious note, if you can find time to re-read the CFAI text (or read that if you were using Schweser or something), it will help to take a 2nd look. Easier said than done of course.

There was a new one last sunday (when we all got introduced to kenny powers ingenious way of gifting his child) but not the week before!

Yes I am using a prep provider (elan in fact because i thought they were absolutely amazing for level 1) so maybe ill take a look at the book but im only at 125hrs so wont have much time to go to the book a lot as i am yet to finish the last 5 SS.

good luck mate

The CFA books did such a bad job of explaining bond prices using that binomial model. I had to put in a bunch of explanatory notes of my own for it to make sense.