pigeon hole

Following facts a) There are 10 vignettes on the exam b) there are 10 topics for exam (E,Q,E,F,CF,E,AI,FI,PM,DV) c) question on each topic is guaranteed to be there based on the topic area weights DOES it follow that there will be only 1 vignette per topic? If that the case then topic area weights are just RIDICULOUS!!!

no because they can toss a quant question into an equity vignette. the vignettes are not 100% correlated to the topics. you can easily come across a FSA question with an Economic vignette.

There are 20 vignettes on the exam. - 10 in the morning - 10 in the afternoon

There are 20 vignettes on the exam. So they can play with your head all day with weights.