PIMCO threads?

There were a couple of PIMCO threads in the Careers forum (one originally there, one moved there), but now they’re both gone.

Any reason? They seemed innocuous enough.

It was the same poster, he posted it in CFA Discussion and WC, i told him in CFA Discussion that it was out of place and thats what the careers section was for, so he made another one there. I suspect 2 different mods saw the ones in CFA & WC and moved them to careers. It was all the same guy asking the same question worded differently with different responses.

But I suppose to answer your question, no clue as to why all were removed. Maybe spam clean up

Nope: one mod.

I removed one that had no replies, and moved the other because it had a reply that I didn’t want to lose.

Then, a couple of days later . . . poof!

Bill Gross must be one of the other mods, was unhappy to see his ex mentioned