Ping JDV -- Cheating on exams

Comments? High-tech exam cheat caught using radios in E China BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhua) – Education authorities in east China say they smashed a ring that used high-tech radio transmitters and receivers to help students cheat in the national college entrance exams. The ring involved at least 33 people, including nine high school graduates who sat the exams last month, providing answers to questions through the Internet and radios, said officials in Zhejiang Province. The cheating was discovered when a surveillance patrol vehicle picked up radio transmissions near the Yongkang No.1 Middle School, where exams were being held, the Zhejiang-based City Express News reports on Sunday. Law enforcement officers apprehended 15 people in a coffee bar across a river from the school. The others were caught in another two operations. They allegedly admitted they had transmitted test answers to students who were sitting the exam. The suspects outside the exam site were parents or relatives of the nine students. The students are alleged to have worn tiny earphones. Three college students from Yongkang City are also being investigated for allegedly providing test answers via the Internet from southwest China’s Guizhou Province. One of the students surnamed Xu allegedly said he heard the answers could be provided for 12,000 yuan to 16,000 yuan (1,740 to 2,320 U.S. dollars). Xu is also alleged to have paid 1,600 yuan for the specially-designed communication system, including a transmitter, receiver, earphone and walkie-talkies. Xu allegedly said he used the device in the first test on Chinese, but did not use it again in the afternoon maths test because he had heard some had been caught cheating. Under college entrance exam rules, cheating examinees will be denied college entrance for two years. Regulations in Zhejiang require instances of cheating to be permanently recorded in student files, which could affect their future credit records. A record 10.5 million Chinese sat the national college entrance exams this year. Roughly half will get a place in college.

I’m glad that they are cracking down and glad these people got caught.

“These people” … heheh

farley… you remind me of the Emperor trying to convert Luke Skywalker to the dark side… keep on him… i think he is starting to crack…

The Emperor used mind control, too, but it was ultimately fear of losing his lover that turned Anakin and fear of losing his sister that almost turned Luke. When you are fearful you do things you normally wouldn’t do. There’s a market lesson in there somewhere.

farley013 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “These people” … heheh These people are the people referred to in the article. You know Farley I disrespect the Chinese so much, I can read Chinese (can speak it worth a darn). How about you? Edit: Truth be told, I read about as well as a Chinese 2nd grader, so I can’t make too much of that.

Thar she blows! Actually, that reminds me of another funny college story. There was a guy in my fraternity who was running for chapter President and people were hesitant to vote for him because they thought he racist, so during his campaign “speech” he goes “I am not racist. My roomate is Jewish!”

Wonder how many didn’t get caught? Guess we’ll never know. CFAI better start monitoring the radio waves around testing centers.