pink and 3 letters, i'm calling you out

show me the money! nice job slash. you were a lock this year, no doubts.


*bump* don’t think I won’t bump this every 20 minutes until you 2 tell me you rocked this thing. i’m going to have a drink every time i bump it.


i just got a phone call and i am more depressed right now than i was to see my own failure. the world is not right. i’m officially sad.

thanks bannisja. i’m sorry to hear that we can’t meet up on the l3 forum this year but it’s no guarantee that anyone will pass l3 this coming year. you will kill it the next time around. believe me, i know the feeling of not passing as this was my 2nd attempt why are you depressed from a phone call? p.s. still waiting from pinkman and 3 letter too!

RIP pinkman. The color didn’t suit him. Sweatshop 2009 sadly. Not sure what bye. by 3-letters meant, but that’s not the enthusiastic pass I was looking for. If I could delete this whole thread I would. The artist formerly known as pink and zim will rise again. Recoup my Chi-town studs and we will figure out how to haze the freshman soon.

bannisja, hold up man. you will kill it next year. i will be here everyday for the next 292 days. you will have people here to get you motivated. stay strong.