Pinkman and ZimZim

When is the weekend sweatshop starting?

I think they are not taking it this year.

i think a little pinkman (cough, cough blackman) in my life would do me good. if i were a swiffer commercial, i’d start singing BABY COME BACK now.

Good decision. This exam has huge opportunity cost.

I truly appreciate it too! - and seems like they are very happy (from Fb)

Pinkman and ZimZim send their love and appreciate all of your kind words.

Tell them a hi from our side too. The snaps of the sweatshop are still there on my desktop and that’s what motivates me to study.

that very well could’ve been the greatest post EVER to AF. those pics were classic.

Are those pictures still on that link?

PG 4, this is where we need to be soon people- time to get INSANE-,708932,page=1 the link still works. god i miss my sweatshop boys.