jeez, where’s the confidence for your little pal from Houston?

Houston I feel as though we have drifted apart. What happened to you? What happened to us?

My appreciation for this frivolous test increases when I realize the strong bond it creates between us.

Are you staying in tonight? I just came back from Starbucks, will watch quick episode of Scrubs, then back to asset valuation.

I’m just about to head out for a few. I studied all day today. My study buddy Zim went back to his homeland this weekend leaving me to study alone. This is our year! I can count on you to represent the Guido Fist Pump in Houston, right?,683324,683698#msg-683698

I watched Chronicals of Narnia

Ray sprained his knee. And everyone else had some excuse. Looks like a trip to Parrots.

Ha-ha, I might have to change my test location to Chi just to witness Zim, you, and Lisa go at this. Am I the only L2 Houstonian on this site?

Houston - If you ever came to Chicago we’d roll out the red carpet for you. Be a one man army in Houston.

We should switch the AF get together from Montreal to Chi-town, a city in which I’ve never been…

Alright Pink, you convinced me. I’m in. Turkish, Chicago is great.

Turkish come to Chicago. Drink beer, watch the Cubs, sleep on Zimzim’s couch. I’d like to go to Montreal sometime and see what the big hoopla is. Houston - You in for Chicago or a nice Guido Fist Pump? Either would be great…both would be superb.

Done…booking my ticket. June 12.

No kidding?!

I’m in for a quick girly Guido Fist pump. You set up that AF get together in Chi, and I’m in.

I’ll make it a priority.

I’m off to a 1:30 tee time, been up since 6… I’ll look at flights tonight…when I start derivatives.