Pirated Schweser Notes on eBay

Deleted, to stay out of trouble.

Are you really willing to risk having bad information for the exam to save a couple bucks? Seems to me like you’re going to be paying even more if you fail the exam due to bad material. There are no shortcuts on this exam.

^ what are you talking about?

I’ve seen lots of pirated versions available on ebay, craigslist, etc. Would obtaining a copy violate standard 1D?

$179.99? Are you talking about this one? They claim that it is the real thing although the price is not right.

  1. Don’t pay for pirated materials

  2. Don’t talk about doing illegal and violation activities cause the CFAI does watch AF and has figured out who’s who in the past

Want free Schwesser notes? Here’s how:

  1. Open up the CFAI text.
  2. Beginning with Chapter 1, write down LOS A in your notebook
  3. Answer that LOS based on the information provided by the text
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for every LOS in each chapter.

At the end, you will have Schwesser’s notes for free, and you’ll have learned a heck of a lot more inthe process.

^ Step 5 - Sell on eBay for $179.99

^ Step 6 - Make videos

Don’t buy pirated stuff on EBay. They have a history of being monitored and sued for this kind of thing. Craigslist is much safer.


Using Craigslist also makes it easier to multi-task and line up a tranny escort for the weekend.

If you make videos, then step 7 is setting up a new company which sells your own packages.

No 2013 stuff available far as I know :frowning:

sorry but it is available and not for schwser only but also allen resource and elan guide as well although this pirate make you save money but don’t buy pirate , better to buy the original one