I had a slight setback (planned on taking L1 this Dec) but now I’m def. doing it December '08. I ordererd the study material the other day, and plan on getting started Jan 2 (would start Jan 1, but I dont think my head will be up to studying after bringing in the new year…but that’s irrelevant, so where was I?). So…is there anyone in the Pittsburgh area that plan on doing L1 Dec. 08 too?

Dusty I am from Pittsburgh, but I sitting for level II. Have you contacted the local CFA society? They will put you on an email list for level I candidates. They probably haven’t started up yet.

No, I havn’t yet. I really didnt know about it. Thanks alot! Any chance you went to Pitt? I was wondering how well their Finance curriculum prepares you?? No biggie, I was just curious.

No. I was a Hokie, but I had no undergrad degree in Finance and passed level I last June, so you have a leg up already. Good luck.

I’m a MBA student at Pitt and just started studying for the Level I in June. I did contact the Pittsburgh CFA society and they said they would be sending out an email to all of the people in the area that are registered for the exam to form study groups. I haven’t gotten that email yet but I did sign up a little late. DustyBallz (great name by the way), I know you said you’re going to take the test next December, but maybe we can do some studying together.

Yea, definately. I plan on starting after the new year. My e-mail is D.Durham84@gmail.com.

hey - i’m studying for level 2 in the burgh. let me know if you’re interested in joining a study group. as of yet i’ve only found one pittsburgher interested. peter.j.erin@gmail.com