Pivot Table Formatting

How come when I refresh a Pivot Table, some of the cells go back to the default formatting and some stay the same? How do I fix it so none of the cells go back to default? It’s driving me nuts

hhehe- I posted this question a while back so I owe a response :slight_smile: On mine (2007): right click on table select PivotTable options uncheck “Autofit column widths on update” on the “layout and format” tab. there is also a “preserve cell formatting on update” check box, but it should already be checked.

I am not seeing the layout and format tab. I am using Excel 2003 - think that is in 2007 only?

maybe… but lucky you I ordered the wrong “excel bible” so… seems like there is still a “pivot table options” (try right click) that includes a “preserve formatting” check box and a “auto format” checkbox. I would play around with those and see, hopefully you can get the options to stick. I know from some searching I did a while back that a pivotchart in 2003 will always go back to the default crappy formatting on refresh. Hopefully thats not the case for tables. good luck!!

Yea I have played around with those two options and can’t figure it out. I think it may just be a glitch. Bleh… Thanks for the help tho