Sweep mentioned this in another thread.

My sister sent it to me and told me to try it. WTF is it? Anybody have any experience with it?

it’s basically jumping around like a maniac. athletes do it for agility and explosiveness.

This total hardbody friend of my wife’s suggested it. I skimmed through the first few sessions to see what I’m in for. It does look pretty challenging for someone that hasn’t done much pilates or yoga before (hence PiYo).

I do a ton of cardio and a decent amount of weight lifting, but I’ve neglected my core and flexibility which Piyo directly addresses. I pulled my delt in my sleep just from turning over the other night and decided it was time for a change of pace. I used to be able to do the splits god damn it.

huh, i thought you were talking about pLyo as in plyometrics. i have no idea what piyo is.


^ New AF username: Jean Claude Van (god) Damn

Yeah, my sister’s a Beachbody person, and she needed one more person to buy her product, then she’d win some contest or something. I bought it, mainly as a favor to my sister.

I told her specifically that I wanted something low impact. Don’t think doing plyometrics and jumping up and down would be very good for me. You know, 320 lbs can only come crashing down on the knees and ankles so much…


Right, so just to be sure we’re on the same page, this is not plyometrics. In fact, Piyo is specifically designed to be low impact. And, btw, Shakeology shakes are actually the bomb.

^But they taste kinda like a butt.

I’m actually having a lot of success losing weight by drinking Slim-Fast powder and Syntha-6 powder mixed with milk. The Slim-fast gives you nutrients and the extra protein from Syntha-6 keeps the hunger at bay…at least for a few hours.

You have to get a little creative, for sure. I like to put peanut butter protein powder in mine with almond milk and a fiber supplement (gotta keep regular). Tastes good and keeps me full until noon. My wife likes her’s with frozen berries. Whatever. Point is, you’re right. Out of the box it’s no good.

Drinking one right now. Chocolate, mixed with the chocolate Syntha-6.

And it still tastes kinda like a butt.

You need to find your Shakeology happy place.

After trying a few different shakes/smoothies, I’ve determined the most important factor is if it keeps me full until lunch. So far Shakeology is the only one I’ve tried that does.

^ Is that stuff even real food?

Replacement shakes or Shakeology specifically? Shakeology has one of the best reputations in the replacement shake business (google it or see a link I randomly pulled after doing so). It contains an ass-pile of vitamins and nutrients. The main criticism is that it’s pretty expensive…about $120 a month or something.


So far, I’ve been mixing one scoop of Slim-Fast with a half-scoop of Syntha-6 and blending it in a blender bottle with 12 oz of milk. You might try that. It keeps me full, tastes better than Shakeology, and costs a whole lot less.

Edit - and I’m still going to finish the Shakeology stuff, simply because I refuse to waste the $130 that I paid for the butt powder.

Shake experts: Is there a shake to increase calorie intake, ie., one that provides calories but leaves me hungry? I’ve upped my workouts lately and I’m dropping a bit of weight which is not what I want. I just can’t eat enough.

Well, I don’t look at shakes as a way to GAIN weight. That’s just me, personally.

I figure all shakes will help you gain weight. If you added a once daily shake of Slim-Fast + Syntha 6 (as noted above), it will add a few hundred calories and 15 grams of protein. The difference is, I do it in lieu of a meal, and you’ll do it in addition to a meal.

I may try that out. Even though I’m a bit skeptical of these things health wise.

Stay away from Muscle Milk (unless you’re looking to increase your arsenic intake). Otherwise, just enjoy a protein shake after your workout. The ones that help you gain weight (muscle mass) taste pretty good.