PK the movie (for my Indian friends)

Did you watch it? It has grossed $100M+ worldwide so far, half of that in India and half abroad.

My impressions - very funny, clever and original dialogs. Offensive to Hindus on two counts - it bashes idolatry and godmen. I agree with the godmen-bashing, but not with the idolatry-bashing part [*]. Great acting by Amir Khan. Anushka Sharma is hot and can act as well.

Amir Khan should thank his lucky stars that he as a Muslim can make such a movie in Hindu-majority India. If he made fun of Islam in a similar fashion, there would be a fatwah on his head the next day.

[*] Alright, so about idolatry. All judeo-christian religions slam it because they think the idol worshippers are actually worshipping the stone. But in theory the statue is just a vehicle, like a cross or rosary beads. Nobody criticises a person who carries around photos of his sweetheart or kids, no one accuses him of thinking that the photo is the person. Having said that, many Hindus themselves forget that and start elevating one temple above another and one god above another. So there is some truth to the charge.

SRK abs vs Aamir Khan abs


A picture of my kids is a “vehicle”? WTF does that mean?

If that picture does not scream “you’re about to get raped” I don’t know what does.

Let’s keep these yummy pictures coming cheeky

Representation would be a much better word. (Vehicle for your thoughts.)