Plan for 1st time takers?

Hi All,

Haven’t thought about level 3 til now. Had originally planned to start studying on 1/1/17, but am thinking I may be better served starting earlier. What’s are your guys’ plans?

Was pretty upset with Schweser for lvl 2, so I may just go CFAI as a lot of people are recommending. I like video lectures so I’ll prob purchase a third party video series.

Anyone have a rough estimate of the # of pages in the CFAI text? I elected for the e-version.

Thanks and good luck all

I’m planning to start this month, plan on doing schweser and some CFAI (ill see how that goes).

will only be doing light reading and doing new concepts early on so I will have time for everything (I will be short on study time in January)

Although doing it only from CFAI books seems plausible since the books are much lighter then level 2 and 1.

^ You will be surprised how deep you’re supposed to enter into matter so light reading simply doesn’t work. Rather prepare yourself for open-type questionnaire at the end of each chapter.

In terms of # of pages, the e-version is shorter than the actual textbooks.