Plan for Friday

So what’s the plan for Friday. What’s everyone going to be doing in the last few hours to prepare? I’ve saved a practice exam I am going to go through in the morning and then debrief any wrong answers, then just sit and read through my personal notes the rest of the day. So many little points to remember all over the place. What’s everyone else’s gameplan?

i hope to leave work early so i can come home and relax. i don’t want to do any studying on friday night so i feel refreshed on sat. but it’s gona be tough knowing there is so much material i could be reviewing.

take a walk at the beach while re-reading my own secret sauce…

I have taken Friday off from work. I have saved one CFAI exam to take and will review weak points after that. I am also taking my car in for a service and will spend every second reading over FSA at the dealership. Once the sun goes down though, I am done studying for this thing. I will crack open a beer or two and relax. Good luck all.

I’m going to study hard tonight and tomorrow night. I’m not studying on Friday night, going to bed at 8 pm. Getting enough sleep is essential, I don’t want to make tons of stupid mistakes.

Ive taken tomorrow off to take the last sample exam. I’ll review tomorrow evening. Drive 6 hours to Miami on Friday morning. Read ethics and glance over anything in the books that I remember seeing a few times in practice exams. Then a sleeping pill and sweet dreams :slight_smile:

do some reviewing during the day, then have a nice hearty meal, have a pint before bed to calm the nerves and hope to sleep well (lately i have been having crazy dreams about the CFA material…doesn’t help at night) I feel like I should be awake studying, but when Im awake, i feel like I should be getting some rest so my brain can function properly

All ethics baby…“We’re on our to a CFA!” We’re going to slay the dragon…Its showtime!!! :slight_smile:

schweser 6 pm, ethics, try to relax at night

I am terribly stressed and having eating disorder along with my L1 study. I am gonna eating nothing but soup.

formula sheet

I find it amazing to see that most people are still working this week. I took the whole week off as anual leave. I really can’t imagine being at work this week, I’d never get any work done!


I’m taking tomorrow off, but working Friday. If I sat around all day Friday I’d be too nervous. I’d rather work and have something to do.

I took 1.5 weeks off work, which makes it pathetic I’m not at a better point in my comprehension. Then again, last week was tough with my friend staying here from out of town, fiance’s birthday, my birthday, and Thanksgiving. I was debating not studying at all on Friday, and just relaxing. But, with a 68% on my latest practice test, it’s probably a better use of my time to review a bit.

noone is going to review the LOS?

I would not recommend studying on Friday. The best thing you can do is forget about the exam and relax. Go see a movie, take yourself out for a nice dinner, walk around outside, etc. You need to have a fresh mind going into the exam.

I need to travel 300 miles to NYC on Friday. No CFA test site on my city.

I’m def. reviewing the los. I have my schweser flashcard lined up and ready to go

singlesong80 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > noone is going to review the LOS? I am, I am going to cram till the proctor says go at 8.55PM Sat… It’s EGO now to nail this b*tard … I am soooo pissed!!