Plan for L2

Just in case some how we dont pass this test and take the Dec 09 test. We dont get our results back for about a 2 months. Does this mean that we have to register and pay for L2 so we can recieve the marterial to begin to study before we even find out if we passed. And what happens if you dont pass in Dec 09, does that cancel the June L2 registration.

You can’t re-register until you get the score notice online. Also, you can’t register for the next part until you’ve passed the previous part. So the strategy can be one of two I guess. If you’re going for Dec L1 and Jun L2 (as I am), then you can either (a) start studying for L2 right after Dec 5th (as I intend to do) or (b) wait and see until Feb 2010 and then start. Rationally the latter is probably more sensible as you don’t want to waste 2 months if you don’t pass in Dec. But if you have no life as it is (that’s me nowadays starting my L1 studies LOL), then why not start early? Front load it in Dec & Jan so that Mar-May won’t be as bad.

Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be willing to part with their (much less valuable) L2 materials for 2009, perhaps even on this Board. CFAI starts from scratch from what I’ve read, but the materials can’t be *that* different year-to-year, right? So you can prolly borrow or buy cheaply L2 2009 Schweser books and even do 1-2 hrs / day just so that you’ll sorta “hedge” the risk…