Plan for Night? Suggestions?

Since the market was closed today, I ended up studying all day, and sending out some resumes into some nebulous black hole of the internet.

I’m not going to the gym today, because last night I really skinned up my knuckles on the bag (I need longer hand wraps).

Tonight, the bar scene will be packed in my neighborhood for NCAA. I usually avoid that crowd by drinking before 8pm. I am supposed to meet with some old B-school friends that are visiting NYC later, and I really need to have at least a mild buzz if I’m going to interact with them at all.

I want to go to this pub where there’s this scandinavian blonde looking girl, who has served me probably three times spanned out over the last two months, but at the third time (just last night), I sat down, and she just automatically put a bud light draught in front of me.

I have a subtle urge to go there early today, like in an hour, but if she’s there, you think that’ll appear a bit ‘stalkery’ of me? Guy goes into the pub at 445pm and reads Schweser Secret Sauce furtively? While chatting up young girl. And obviously not there to watch the March Madness?

We need to go to the source Lockheed. Let’s convene in Stockholm this summer. It will change your life.

Any chick who has spent more than a month of her life in the US, especially the north east, is toxic and you should avoid her.

Nah dude, that’s cool she put down the beer I think that was a nice gesture. You’re fine.

lol, she just knows what you drink bro. Unfortunately means absolutely nothing. She may even flirt too- and that could mean absolutely nothing. Waitresses know how to inflate their tips. Waitresses can act like strippers more than strippers sometimes. Anyway, that doesn’t mean she isn’t into you, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet. I say go back but definitely dont let on that it’s because of her just yet. Or, just go HAM and try to take her down-- if it fails-- fuck it, on to the next bar.

What does that mean: “Waitresses can act like strippers more than strippers sometimes.”

I have no idea how strippers act, or really why there is such excitement about dating strippers.

I hear a lot of trader-types all excited about dating strippers, and quite honestly, I just don’t get what the appeal is. Not judging people’s morality here, I just don’t understand the draw. Plenty of non-strippers have hot bodies, so it’s not that that’s the only way to find someone who’s physically attractive. So why so much excitment as in “hey bro, I got a stripper!”

I know another guy who says he’s sleeping with a known pornstar (and another guy who confirmed it). I suppose that falls into the “how does one find her and get her to sleep with you” category of “wow, how did you do that?,” but it’s certainly not “boldly going where no man has gone before.”

Why don’t you use Costanza’s line?

“Hi. I’m Lockheed. I’m unemployed and live with my parents”.

I’m heading to whiskey tavern in china town. They are a JMU styled bar, def a hole in the wall but always a good time.

Hi, I’m lock, we should go out for a romantic night of chicken, comedy, and some sex. (She barks excuse me!?). What, you don’t like chicken?

Strippers will act like your friend for cash. General stereotype. It had nothing to do with wanting to date a stripper.

I have pulled a stripper, but not particularly proud, not unhappy either.

First, after she gives you the bud light, ask her about the beer selection. Then order a nice pale ale from Belgium. This accomplishes two things: first, it gets you away from the horse piss, and second, it gives you chance to talk to her and show what a refined distinguished gentleman drinks.

That should increase your chances of boning her.

Pounding a stripper and a NFL cheerleader are on my bucket list.

Lol. Thanks for the advice guys.

I just can’t fathom talking about the merits of trappist beers with someone in their early 20’s.

Pounding a stripper is not that difficult, FT.

Anyways, I ended up going to the gym, then walked by the ‘said bar’ wherein lays the cleavage so amazing blonde girl, and kept walking, because it would have been too obvious. Ended up at some dive on Amsterdam Ave in the 80’s and went to the bathroom. Then I sit down to get a good view of the kansas game, and the goddamn ‘guy’ bartender had a bud light draught ready for me.

f—king twilight zone I’m in.

Good story; good punchline. I feel for you.

Ask Ramos what to do to land your Scandinavian chick.

Whether she knows how to salsa is anybody’s guess. What dances do they do in Scandinavia?