Plan For The Last Week?

Just curious what your plans are for the last week. EOC’s, BBs? Review Tests? Flash Cards? I think I am going to do a combo of all of those and then relax Friday, but I am trying to get a plan together so I know what I need to finish this week. One step at a time…

Mock exam (schweser, CFAI) then review. Then retake them and keep reinforcing my weakest areas. Will also review GIPS and the Asset Mgr Code again.

Redo CFAI old AM sections and mock, sacrafice a goat.

Last 2 weeks:

All CFAI EOC’s, fly through Schweser books, review weak areas noted, do a ceremonial Budda prayer

I literally have not even looked at ethics or gips.

I have taken the week off for study, so on Tuesday or Wednesday, I am going to spend the whole day on ethics and Gips,

Ethics Im going to read the applications and go through the EOC’s once. Gips, Im just going to review schweser and do the EOC’s. I think GIPS is diminishing returns - chances are its a small number of points on multiple guess. Plus gips has so much minutae you could spend a week and still miss the crap in it.

Other than that, I have a huge list of blue boxes/eoc’s/old test q’s and weak areas, so Ill review my notes to try to pull it all together and run down my "memorize this’ lists like Samurai and stuff.

Like Thursday or Friday I am going to spend a whole day on Institutional and Individual going over the minutae of prior AM’s.

Saturday, I am going to wake up, Eat a chick Fila chicken biscuit, summon the rest of Voltron force, form my massive robot, and skulldrag this test.


aren’t you doing all this a week too early ???

This looks like a plan for the week after :slight_smile: smiley

Forgive me for being a dry humorless finance guy, but I am missing the punchline of that joke somehow…I dont get it :slight_smile: