Plan for the next few weeks

I will have finished Qbank, all the EoC and all the BB by this weekend but i’m still fairly unsure that the concepts are in my head!!!

Nxt week I’ll reread the EoCs questions and answers then being Mocks on 11th April.

I’m really nervous now!!! I really want to get this exam passed!!! failed miserably last yr, Band 5 even after 200-300hr of studying!! I feel like i’m learning from fresh again this year!!

Can you maybe elucidate why you think you failed last year with so much time put in? Good luck this year, it sounds you’re going to kill it

I’m not certain, but I believe it’s a combination of not answering the questions in the correct format i.e. too abbreviated and not getting the right answers…

Ethics was also suprisingly difficult last year and I would be suprised if anyone was able to answer those questions with 100% certainty. I failed to get many answers correct in that section which I beleive contributed to my band 5.

No, i dont think i’m going to kill it. I still think i’m messing up somewhere!!

^Fair assumption.