Plan for the upcoming 5 weeks

So this week I’ll finally finish all of the readings. My plan is to take a Mock exam and review every weekend until exam weekend, and work through the EOC’s again specifically the Level 3 style questions during the week. Anyone else want to share their plans?

I still have another week or 10 days until I finish all the material (have Ethics and Behavioral Finance left).

Afterwards my plan is to review 1 topic (e.g Fixed Income) every 2 days and do Blue Box and EOC questions from CFAI material. Once done reviewing everything, I plan on start mock exams/reviews up until exam day. I also plan on taking around 2 weeks off work to focus solely on the CFA exam, we’re almost there!

Good luck!

Mocks, AM papers, & Topic tests mostly.

Will go back to EOC questions for weak areas. There are a lot of formulas I can’t seem to remember so I’ll have to work on those as well.