Plan of study

Hi guys, those who are preparing for L1- how far are you with the preparartions now. What is the plan of study. To those who have no finance back ground- what is your plan of study. Just trying to get a bit motivated from you.

Doing Level 1. Have almost all of the readings done. Will be done at the end of this month. Then from Sep til Nov (no particular order): 1. Read Jorion’s book - the relevant parts 2. Answer Hull’s questions after each chapter 3. Do QBank questions 4. Leaf through Schweser’s books for the stuff I have a weak grasp of.

Amazing !! have you started your preparations quite early. I have just started. Schwesers does not talk about all topics mentioned in the core readings. Are you able to master the the whole topics in all the readings. I started with Schwesers after finishing each chapter does the questions at the back and then flush through the related readings. Also I do the questions in the online tests for each chapter in the Schweser’s website.

From exam point of view its schweser all the way. can refer to Jorion’s book for some stuff. Have seen people pass with schweser.

Its not that amazing if I fail. I take nothing for granted.

Going with Schweser 100%.

Yeah - it’s a little scary that Schweser doesn’t cover all the material. I just read through the CAPM & Applications reading and noticed there was a bunch that Schweser didn’t cover - mostly the harder stuff and the generalizations, but still. I’m assuming they’re the experts here on what’s on the exam and what’s not, but it’s still a little unnerving to see stuff like CAPM generalizations not even on there.