Planing to start my own hedge fund

I have few questions with this regard starting a hedge fund

First of all i have no intention to raise any money any time soon, I just want to have a website and report my performance voluntarily to Hedge Fund Database providers .

Do I need to create a legal entity in order for Hedge Fund Database providers to publish my performance? Or it would be OK to have the account under my name.

Is it legal to have a website with certain disclaimers that i have no intention to raise any funds and i don’t manage others money ?

Can i add something like “please fill out the form below and we will notify you once we launch” to the website"

The idea here is more a less to test the water ( pilot fishing ) investors, if i founded that there is interest from investor ill go ahead and start recruiting and invest money in the setup.

Even if you don’t raise money, I don’t think you can do those things above with any legitimacy without registering as an investment advisor.

Im not a us citizen nor resident and I’m not planning to raise funds or manage others money. I just want to build a track record and publish it. What the cost effective way to achieve this objective ?

I’ve mulled over this, I ended up keeping very detailed records of my transactions and performance on my own, which I keep private. I plan on using this for interviews and to raise family and friends money if i choose to go that route. I think if you really want to pursue this, look at some of the blogs out there where guys are posting their performance and track record and go that way, after you are 100% sure it passes all rules and regs.

Random thoughts (probably pessimistic and discouraging).

What’s in it for them to list your no investor, minimal AUM (I assume), personal account in their index? Or in other words, you’re not a hedge fund or any type of fund, why would they include you? You either run a hedge fund or you don’t.

How would they trust the numbers are right or legitimate? If this were the case, couldn’t someone start 2 or 3 of these funds running opposite strategies, kill off the poor performer and keep the good one and raise money with that record?

There are websites that let you do this - track your record publicly, etc. Collective2 comes to mind. But there are others as well.