Planning for level II studying

Hi , I need some suggestions / opinions on how to plan my study for like 4 months to end by Feb. 2012 , which gives me some time to review the material for second time before hitting the practice exams.

does anyone have / did anyone construct a plan / time table and wants to share ?

I did mine on Excel last year, allotting approximately 1 week per SS plus some buffers. Doing so saved my butt.

First pointer would be to start earlier. I started my prep around 6-8 weeks ago and there is alot of content to cover. It really is deeper than the Level I material and more time is needed to prepare adequately for June.

I wouldn’t allot 1 week per Study Session for ALL study sessions. They’re not all worth the same, so why would you study the same amount for each one?

Allotting 1 week/SS was just a starting point when I was in Level II. It mostly worked, except for Equity where one SS was 2X, and Quant and Derivatives. Now for Level III, I allot time based on pages in the book, and it seems to be working better… The key point is to have a schedule based on some reasonable metric so that you finish the material with enough time for review and practice tests.

Guys, I did my level I preparation in 4 months with full time job. Passed all subjects >70% For level II started last month. Passed the first book (skipped QM) and currently fighting FRA. How am I supposed to remember all the info??? Am I dumb or CFAI books are too detailed? I have 6 months left and doubt its enough. Should i swap to schweser notes?

Do both - sometimes side by side. Schweser will help you cut through the weeds of CFAI, but don’t skip the CFAI books entirely. The materials is vast and intimidating. With enough practice tests in the final six weeks, things will start to click.

Hope so :slight_smile: My plan is to take 20 days off in May (hope the gods - bosses are merciful) and have a whole month for revising, testing and so on. BTW the local pansion system here is post-communist, some kind of hybrid between capital and solidarity approach. Its some kind close to defined contribution but not exactly and far, far, far away from defined benefit. Hard times for me :slight_smile: