Planning to re-appear in 2011 after failing in 2008

After 2 years of breaks, I am thinking of re-appearing for Level-3 in 2011. I did not do well in Essay exam, any suggestion on how to prepare for the Essay Exam. My mistake probably was to rely too much on Schweser Video Series and not actually practicing Essay exam in writing…

L3 is a heartbreaker and CFAI is a moneymaker.

You have got to practice the essay questions. I plan on doing as many practice IPS questions that I can get my grubby little hands on. With more practice comes a bit more comfort and speed. And you need both for the first half of the morning section.

With that being said, many people who pass don’t do so well on the essay questions. Many make it up with high scores in the afternoon.

Thanks everyone… I think I did well in after noon exam but not so well in the Morning… I can’t find my scorecard for 2008, is there anyway to retrieve it online from CFA Institute Website Best of luck for all appearing for L3

They keep online for 2 years then it goes off line.

First off, I would grab the Stalla videos. I haven’t seen the Schweser vids, but people that I trust who have passed the exam swear by Stalla vids. I am using Stalla and I love them. Also, I would find every old CFA essay section I could get my hands on. Good luck.