Planning to sit L2 in August 22 if i pass, studying strategy question

Hey guys,
Hopefully if i pass L1 i will sit L2 in August 22, just wanted to know, should i keep reviewing and refreshing L1 concepts in order to store them definitely in my long term memory, and once i’m sure to sit L2, start studying L2 stuff?
Or no need for that, i can just chill and wait to make sure i’m sitting in August and from there start studying L2 stuff already?
Thanks and sorry for the silly questions.

I don’t think you need to. I think you shd start preparing for L2 now and ignore L1. You can also go back to it if you need to. Depends on how much time you need.

I just took the L2 yesterday and if I pass, I plan to immediately order the L3 curriculum so I have more time to prepare. Hope to give myself one year this time. I immediately registered for L2 after finding out I passed L1, and had about 7 months, but I find that it wasn’t enough time as a bunch of things happened in my personal life that made studying difficult. Didn’t have enough time to finish reading the curriculum AND do enough practice questions to prepare. If I pass L2 I will give myself more time to do L3.

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  1. What does it mean to “sit”?
    Sit means to wait patiently for something to happen. You may have noticed that students often sit for exams in their classes. Students will often say they want to take a break after sitting for two hours straight on the exam. If students do not study well, then we call them lazy! Therefore, I think what the teacher has meant here is that he wants his students to work hard at the test.
  2. What is a “strategy question”?
    Strategy questions are commonly used in English exams. In your high school years, you may have been given a math problem like this:
    Solve for x: 2x + 5 10
    Answer: 1) x -5; 2) x 0; 3) x 15; 4) x 20.
    You need to remember how to solve these types of problems. Strategy questions use similar strategies that you would normally learn in class.
  3. Why might it be useful to memorize this type of information?
    A good understanding of how to write and solve strategy questions will help you later in your career. Many companies will give tests like this. These companies ask their employees to apply knowledge about how to solve strategy questions.
  4. How should I prepare myself for the SAT?
    If you are planning to sit the SAT in August, then you must make sure you practice enough. Practice makes perfect! Keep studying until you feel comfortable with the material.
  5. What should I do if I am going to fail my SAT?
    First, don’t panic! Second, try to understand why you failed. Then, try to fix any mistakes you did before taking the test again. Finally, get extra tutoring or study with someone who has passed the SAT before.
  6. Is memorizing vocabulary easier than solving strategy questions?