plans after level1

Nice mate. Yeah although I’m not too sure how to mention it on the resume, like you said it cant help in the interview.

Talking about company financials, does anyone remember the industry analysis question for mature industries? And, also the qt about financial ratios helping comparing companies in the same industry? Do you guys think about Potter’s five factors also while analyzing? I took a NYSSA class where the prof stressed on using that in day to day analysis.

hmmm i ‘vaguely’ remember those questions… have you heard of ‘buffets’ factors when analysing?

“Can any one recommend any good books? I just finished one on the physcology of the market, I want to get another finance book, might try the soros one I couldnt finish a few years ago… also one called Killing Pablo” I would recommend reading “Killing Pablo”. It’s been a few years but I enjoyed that book. If you like WWII stuff I recommend “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William L. Shirer. If you don’t like WWII stuff, this book might just change your mind.

i’m going to do anything that is not work related for a month. get back to the gym, have a few books i want to read (non-finance related) and might go away for a week or too. that way when january comes i’ll get back in to studying level 1 or 2, depending on how things turn out!

The first thing I did after cracking the FSA book open was download a few of annual statements of large firms from the internet. There is plenty of interesting stuff out there, just chose. And I must say, I learned a great deal from it. Can only recommend it for any CFA aspirant.

If you live in the UK you can register with LSE and have the Financial statements of FTSE companies sent to you free of charge.

I thought immediately after the exam, i’d party like a rockstar, hit the gym again, hang out with friends, do fun things!! but i find myself reading the CFAI books now. I am afraid that if I don’t pass, i need all the time i can get, so might as well keep on trucking while it’s still fresh in my memory. besides, LII builds on LI, right? with pass rates of 40%, you might as well learn the material on LI inside out even if you pass.