plans after level1

So here we are waiting anxiously for the results…what are you guys doing with all the free time? What are u guys planning to do until we get the scores in jan? I’m pondering about utilizing my time to learn more about the industry, pad up my resume, and look for entry level finance jobs. My friend suggested that i should do an independent, mock analysis on a company just so that i can say i have some knowledge of the industry. Lets share some ideas to improve ourselves and kill time !

I’ve got to stick around at my current job until atleast next August…so I’m not trying to pad my resume or anything - the exception being that I hopefully pass level I. I’ve been hanging out with friends, working out… Enjoy the free time before studying must once again begin.

feels weird not studying…so I might start studying the GRE or GMAT.

it’s fiscal year end where i work…so no break. i’ve worked 14 hour days on monday and tuesday…from the looks of it, it’ll be another tonight.

dennis2085 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > it’s fiscal year end where i work…so no break. > i’ve worked 14 hour days on monday and > tuesday…from the looks of it, it’ll be another > tonight. Feel your pain. Put in 15 yesterday on a quarter end.

besides the usual catching up with friends and all, im not sure aye… im gonna try the ‘mock analysis’ of a company, just for kicks… stay on this board and try to help the 2008 guys, just so i dont forget everything i’ve crammed into my brain…

I was thinking of doing this too bluey, who are you thinking about? sectors?

Anyone cares to explain what does mock analysis means? It sounds interesting…

analysing a stock or sector, etc,

just bought financial modeling from benninga. need to get up to speed on financial modeling,

Can any one recommend any good books? I just finished one on the physcology of the market, I want to get another finance book, might try the soros one I couldnt finish a few years ago… also one called Killing Pablo

Hi Robb, when you say analysing a stock/sector, do you mean working for a company? Im sorry this might sound dumb, but somehow I got the impression that this is doing by our own part

hey Robb, im thinking i will start with my own company… and try to apply everything i’ve learnt in level 1 to analysing my company… maybe start with the financial statements? as for good books, i hear “stock valuation” by benjamin graham is a good one…an oldie, but a goodie…

crease, Yeah Im talking about doint it just to test some of what we have learned (also a point for the resume), not as part of a company. Bluey, yeah Ive heard that book’s good, most books end up referencing it anyway, I think he was buffets mentor (if i remember correctly). Start with the FS, guess so, as long as you can compare against similar businesses, previous years, etc. Let me know what you do

hey Robb, yeh i was planning on analysing everything, starting with corp governance… their current financials… then compare it to their historicals… then, look at competitors, the industry… but yeh, we’ll see how i go… its a thought for now, but sort of a project i wanna do… i figure, this is the sort of stuff you’d be doing if you worked in the industry, so cant help to get a heads start

Robb, that sounds interesting. I might look into doing something like that soon too, especially since Im graduating in like a week’s time and yet to find a job. It should give my resume a little boost. Hit me up at and maybe we can talk about it a little more

crease, where you from? australia?

Hi Bluey, no Im originally from Singapore, but based in US now. And you?

Bluey, now that you mentioned it, I did an analysis somewhat similiar to what you mentioned i.e talk about its financials, strategy, competitors, etc, albeit on a smaller scale as we are just allowed a few slides. This is certainly interesting and I sure would love to look more into it. Question is, how do you implement it into your resume?

crease, im in sydney,australia… good question… not sure how to ‘advertise’ it on your resume… but you definetely could bring it up during the interview process… or it could help with your own investing… and im sure you’d learn a thing or two by putting the cfa stuff into practise