Plans for Books once a CFA >> Keep? Sell? Donate? Recycle?

We’ve all had our arguments and disagreements over which books / courses are better and which sets to use more / less. But regardless, we’ll all eventually end up with forests of books once this is completed. So in separating “the forest from the trees,” I’ll pose what is intended to be a funny / light question for those of you intend to pass all 3 parts at some point or have already done so --> What will you do / have you done with them once it’s all over?? Here are some ideas: - Keepsakes / Reference guides (my most likely outcome; I still have my college finance books) - eBay / Amazon / etc (because after so much in opportunity spending, there ain’t nothing like recovering a few of those sunk costs) - Donation to the Library (some other sould can use them, plus a tax deduction) - Recycling (give back to nature the millions of trees it takes to prepare for this) Any other thoughts?

Sorry for going alittle off topic, I hope you dont mind. One of my threads about buying used books was deleted, I am not sure why as I was not selling anything, I was just asking a question. Anways, One of my questions is: are we allowed to buy or sell used CFA material?..I dont want to violate and copyright or code of ethics that can jeopardize my CFA candidacy… to answer your question, I would personally donate it to any library that would like them. If it is CFAI material, then it basically becomes worthless as they update their curriculum every year + the fact that candidates get the new material anyways when they register for the exam

No worries (light question). You’re right: CFAI imposes planned obsolescence. No reason to buy when it is a required part of registration. Unlike the old days (when candidates had to buy all of the textbooks separately). So a complete resale-value killer. I don’t think CFAI explicitly allows resale, but you can find plenty of listings on eBay etc anyway. Personally, there should be an “electronic” option (PDF files >> CDs, downloads). CFAI’s costs would be lower / margins would be higher, which they could possibly pass down to candidates in the form of savings. Fewer trees killed (you could print what you needed). No huge disposal burden (anyone can keep a few CDs with very little space sacrificed). Even pirating would make no sense.

Ya I agree that CFAI should make the curiculum electronic. Saves trees and can bring costs down a bit. I was unaware that schweser notes were electronic, seems like ppl posting it on craigslist or ebay can make a profit no?..Since it is electronic can’t they sell the material to numerous buyers?..I am just afraid to buy used notes off ebay because I am not sure if CFAI allows for it…I dont want to risk anything lol.

Yeah, ripping Schweser notes is a different matter. Haven’t seen anything like that, but then again haven’t looked either. However, resale value for those is not designed to be zero, so if one passes L1 in Jun and sells to Dec people, that’s potentially doable…

ya true, anyways thanks for your help, ill purchase the schweser notes the legit way. This forum sure is slow now that many CFA candidates are taking a break from studying lol.

I’ll be selling the Schweser notes for sure – I think I’ll actually keep the CFAI texts (ironic b/c I haven’t read a page of them in taking the exams).

Keeping the CFAI texts for reference.

Everyone will be getting CFAI books because they are mandatory part of curriculum now, nobody will buy them 2nd hand

I have my books and have used them for reference several times already. It is true that they take up a lot of space.

Keep for reference. Have already used L2 books a bit for reference.

Keep as an excellent reference.

I sold my 2008 L3 books last year for $85 bucks. There are people out there that want to learn this stuff without taking the exam.

I gave my books/notes to some Indian interns from our offshore group at my former employer. I wonder how their doing…

I’m keeping my books, but my Level III video CDs will be up on eBay the day that results come out.

I’m keeping everything. Good reference material.