Plans Tomorrow?

Who’s studying tomorrow, versus taking the day off? Personally, I need all the help I can get, but at this point I may just take it easy and hope for the best. Maybe another practice test in the am, then relax from noon forward… Anyone?

I’m doing Sample 3 in the morning, reviewing a few weak areas and calling it a day at noon. Going to spend the afternoon relaxing…or at least trying to relax.

done with all questions today. Tomorrow review weak areas and some formulas…franchise P/E, Black Scholes Model, etc. Gym + Jacuzzi in the late afternoon. Movie at night. Bedtime.

I’ll be cramming till late tomorrow.

No more tests for me. Will probably read my notes and browse SS and the ethics handbook. Stop around 5 or so and try to relax the rest of the night.

light study…read ethics

go to work early, leave early (hopefully 2 or 3), hit the gym, read some ethics, quicksheet & formulas, movie & bed

One more test. Review formulas. Catch one of the many episodes of Office saved in DVR.


Secret Sauce cover to cover and a quick skim of ethics.

Morning: Sauce. Quicksheet. Maybe read thru a few solution-sets from Book 6. Afternoon: Read - ethics, hedge funds, real estate, emerging markets. Evening. Sauce. Quicksheet. One glass of red wine. Try and unwind and get a good night sleep.

Ethics is a good call. I could definitely use a review of the non-L1 material… Probably need to run through John Harris material again, just to ensure I don’t lose any points there… So fatigued though… might need to have a beer or two tonight.

If it’s not raining: go to my daughters sports day for an hour otherwise, or after: ethics, especially suitability and fair dealing, ROI & Soft dollar review my SS and notes (currency questions, PM) see my physio glass of wine

review 3 AM tomorrow morning, glance over CFA 2006, light perusal of the qualitative chapters, fall asleep with the quick notes… maybe some video games.

E T H I C S - tomorrow!

2006 exam in the morning - then formula sheet… :slight_smile:

Sunday morning, first thing, or maybe even on my way back from the exam on Saturday, I’m buying an Xbox. I need mindless activity… My wife will probably kill me, seeing as how I’ll go from bookworm to videogame freak, but its all about me anyway, right?

jasonindc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Secret Sauce cover to cover and a quick skim of > ethics. Ditto

I plan to just do ethics in the AM, but I’ll probably freak out and review other stuff. Maybe I’ll get a much needed haircut.

Review all notes and a quick hour over FSA…Relax in the Afternoon and then drive to Louisville and rock this baby out on Sat!