Playing with TI BA 11 plus pro

My new toy arrived a couple of days ago, I am impressed with some aspects of it. However, simple things like calculating the geometric mean, I know the formula, but can’t find the square root key with the n variable. I looked through the handbook, but that didn’t seem obvious, Is there a thread or formula sheet anywhere, that shows the applications required for the CFA 1 using the TI BA machine? Cheers :slight_smile:

the nth root of x is x^(1/n)

Both Schweser and Stalla have directions as you go through the readings; I can’t remember right now if CFAI texts do or not. If you want to do the nth root of something, you can always use the y^x key, then use (1/n)

Cheers, Cfa1 definitely do not…y^x key ???..please say I haven’t bought a dodgy knock off calculator!

yeah you do. it’s the button right above the 9. hit that and raise to .5 for example for the square root, or .2 for the 5th root… etc.

Tks… so, 1 + 2 + 3 +4 + 5 = 15…5th root on usual machine is 1.1133 on TI = 1.719 Where am I going wrong with the wonderful piece of kit or should I just go and get a rope and get it over with now ? :slight_smile: Cheers

suppose you want the 3rd root of 8 [8] -> [y^x] -> [3] -> [1/x] -> [=]

5th root of 15 is .1718 etc. not sure how your getting 1.1133

Tks guys…I was comparing to an old sharp with n to the root key/…Looks like the 1.719 was correct,using the other as a control was not exactly helping. Having said that…what would be the best way to get hold of a formula conversion list for the TI Ba plus pro…without going to the expense of buying a whole course,enough money spent on CFA 1 syllabus.