Please Ban Me

Since Xray is the most hated user with RR being distant second please ban me.I will find another username once I have become more desirable and likeable.But I cant make my skin anymore whiter.So sorry for this.Ban me my friends ,this is the last thread we enjoy,Thank you Sirs

This is laughable. Well done isuldurr.

You could just stop posting… Do you not have the self control to not post on AF and need to be banned?


It’s like a fat guy at a restaurant telling the waitress… “please don’t let me eat any more cheesecake, please stop me from eating more”

Can you make it thicker?

That’s what she said?

I have my AF color settings on white and your stuff sure looks white on my screen.

That’s like asking a chick please dump me. It doesn’t work like that. This is reverse psychology.