"Please clear your calculator now"

At the beginning of the exam when the proctor asks everyone to clear their calculator I never do. It’s my way of sticking it to CFAI. Then I chuckle to myself how I have a distinct advantage with preprogrammed random numbers in my calculator.

I’m reporting you.

thepinkman please be aware that CFAI is monitoring this website - as is known from last year’s rapping of folks who were discussing questions on the exam and collecting them on an excel sheet. (also the reference in the 2010 Ethics section). so please watch what you post!

i can see it now…the cfai telling the head proctor "Be on the lookoout for a pink man who refers to himself as “thepinkman” as he will not be clearing his calculator

pinkman, watch your back son the invigilators are watching your every move.

The CFAI can easily get anybody’s contact info from the AF.

I was always confused by that statement. What can you store in the calculator anyway? It’s not like you can program in equations like in a scientific calculator. I thought the reason CFAI choses to use such an outdated piece of equipment is precisely because it’s not capable of storing anything meaningful.

bullet move pinkman

Just to be clear I was just kidding. A good boy like me always clears his calculator. But I never understood the point.

It’s worse with actuarial exams. The proctors reset the calcs to the manufactor’s settings - which means you have to know how to make set you calculator to some very obvious settings, like order of operations! So the CFA approach seems less BigBrother to me actually.

Wait Wait… i know the answer to this one… I should report to my compliance officer, and if nothing happens disassociate … Or do I give him a copy of the Code of Standards so he is aware of the “high ethical responsibilities of candidates and charterholders”.

pinkman, today is Tax Day, not April 1.

you guys use calculators?

the invigilators dont like jokes

Huh? We can use calculators? How did I miss that?

SkipE99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you guys use calculators? LOL. You got to L3 without calculator? You must be a genius!

I think the reason they ask you to clear your calc is for your benefit-ie. not using previously loaded info on CF and TVM questions.

calculators are for weaklings. I’m a mathemagician so I don’t use it.

there is no way not to think about this thread when i hear this phrase on June 4th. just what I need AF. thanks a lot!lol