Please explain the availability of the CFAI mocks/samples

So what exactly is available and what are the prices? I checked the CFAI website and there’s one free L3 2010 mock exam in pdf format. Are there others? How much do they cost? Is it in timed electronic format? Please be as comprehensive as you can with your answers. There’s always confusion about this… unless I’m just stupid!

1 Free Mock. 2 Sample exams with 30 questions each that cost $40 each.

so what are the previous mocks that people are talking about - eg 2009 mock

^ People who took the exam last year have it. You need contacts…

No idea… So the sample exams that are $40 each- are they electronic or are they available for download once you pay?


CFA has 2007 - 2009 AM sections posted here, free of charge… however more then likely lightning won’t strike twice, so these are probably a good indicator of what we won’t see on the test, than what we will. I haven’t done any of them yet.