Please help find me a career

I’m currently travelling around South America and will sometime (probably next year) be looking for a job. I would appreciate any suggestions of areas of finance that may be suited to my qualifications. I intend to go away and research these areas and decide what is for me. I have worked for three and a bit years for a speacialist finance modelling company almost entirely within the project finance sector. I am very good with Excel and have above average knowledge of tax and accounting. I should perhaps emphasise that my former colleagues who left for other jobs were in demand due to their highly regarded Excel skills even though they often took jobs in areas of finance they knew very little about. I have a very good degree in maths, but that was six years ago. I did no stats, but probably could manage the odd differential equation with some revision. I have just passed CFA level 2. My current thoughts: - returning to project finance (easy and not the worst idea) - CDO structuring perhaps? maybe something CDO related for a hedge fund?? - some random area of finance. For example, I worked briefly with some shipping finance folks, but my knowledge of other possible areas is limited. Any ideas? - a development bank. Anyone know much about this? I also quite like laid-back environments where the quality of your work is more important than the suit you are wearing. However, I could probably adjust. Any help would be gratefully received.