Please help me clarify the CFA application?

I used to be disciplined by accounting professional body and now I want to register for CFA. Is there any restriction for me in this regard as when I come to the application I don’t see any criterion mentioning that.

Thank everyone for kind help

contact CFA, they will know for sure

Do you have the contact of CFAI? If yes, can you provide it to me?

Thank in advance

it would be quicker for you to go to the website and get it yourself

Sounds a little kinky, in a nerdy-kinda-way.

I do not know if this happens to anyone here but I really need help. I do not want the case to turn out that after I pass 2 levels, my examination is stopped due to my fault in the past.

I might be going out on a limb here, but you don’t have a bright future in research.