Please help me in my Interview preparation


I have an interview next week with a kpo for fnancial analyst/ Equity Research profile

I am good in bookish knowledges but my market knowledge is not upto the mark since last 1 year was totally engrossed in CFA studies and my job,

Now i am worried how to tackle questions related to market ?

Also can u please tell me when we value a company how do we project future Sales,cost, Capex, Dep, ?

Vicky, congratulations on getting this interview!!! Its a great achievement in a difficult job market. Go there with all the enthusiasm of having been selected from hundreds of applicants.

Focus on the areas you feel knowledgeable about and discuss your general view and inclination on other important areas.

Best of luck!p.s. maybe posting on the careers forum will get you more responses.

You passed level 2, and are asking how to project future sales and costs?

No offense Vicky but is this a joke? Are you asking how to project sales? This is why CFA credential is losing status. Anyone can get it.

Guys -

Dont get me wrong .

I am sure this question will be asked

I want to formulate a perfect answer

Please give ur views. I just want to make my answer as good as possible with your inputs and experience

I will really appreciate

PS: Itera if u really are a chartholder then try and help others like S200magician, Your crap posts have no value for anyone

I found this great resource for such financial questions:

Andy thanks for the help mate . God bless u

did you even click on the link he gave you?

Yes i did

I am sure people will help him the same way when he needs it

Chill smiley

^gratitude tinged with sarcasm. interesting thread!

I prefer to Google / research first and ask questions later. Shows initiative. Something an interviewer might value.

Good luck!

I am chill. which part of all my posts above are not?

maybe someone is insecure perhaps?

Vicky- You’ll probably get better feedback in the “CFA General Discussion” forum.

Vicky… keep your cool. And, if you haven’t done it alread, just dont come on this forum again until after your interview. Focus on your good points and keep pumping yourself up for the interview.



I will have interview tomorrow as well and I’m really nervous(much more than before the cfa exam)…

I was informed that interview will last only 30 minutes and I believe it is too short…

Could you please give me some advice? When they’ll ask me question like “lell me about yourself” should I tell about every position that I’ve already worked or maybe I should be more general?

Congrats and good luck Vicky. I would pick a company within the sector you are interviewing for and run a basic dcf. This will include all the variables you mentioned and you can discuss your rational during the interview. I would also try and get some information from D&B, s&p, or some other firm that provides an extensive write up on that industry that way you can present both a bottom up/top down assessment. I think the key is to remain confident and be ready to defend your projections. More importantly though, be personable. I’m not certain the dynamic of this position, but people want to work with people they get along with.

The CFA fails yet again. It is the gold standard of nothing.


what can be tested in a financial modelling test in entry level job?

what all things in excel/modelling etc should i revise ?

converting operating leases to captl leases, and pension liabilities