Please help me- stuck on simple bond price calculation

Please - be so kind and help me out. Clearly this is not my day - I am stuck on simple bond price calculation - Book 6, p. 103. How do u go about calculating price of the bond using TI financial calculator??? I must be doing some stupid mistake that I cannot figure this out. I know its embarrasing, but would PLEASE someone point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance. A,

which book, CFA book 6? pg 103 looks like futures… that bottom thing that says .9594(1.065)^1.25 etc? or a different book?

Ya, that thing, up in the example is says “Price of bond is found by calculating present value of both the 10 coupons and the face value” . The price is $ 0.9594…I want to get to this number… It clearly is BASIC - but I somehow cannot get there…! Please help. THANKS.

in the paragraph above it lays it out for a $1 face. So FV = 1 since it said 7% bond that pays semiannually, divide that by 2 to get the PMT = .035 it says yield on bond is 8% so I/Y = 4 and it says it has 5 years remaining, so you do N = 10 (remember it pays semiannually so you multiply that by 2 but then when doing I/Y take the yield/2) now just compute for PV and i get -0.959446 you prob are forgetting to divide or multiply by 2 somewhere b/c of the semiannual payments?

post the figures as presently i do not have the fixed income stuff with me. I will try and work it out

Of course - many thakns - “bannisja” - its clear and basic (!! for heaven’s sake)- and I indeed - forgot one “2” - - I call this a major “brain-blockage” - a clear sign I do need to take break and get some fresh air… Thanks a lot for your help - really.