Please Help - Where to study from (LII - next year)

Hi. Has anyone tried Analyst Notes for Level II? I think the material in the CFA books is just to big!! Would it be OK to rely on the Analyst Notes and study from the CFA books any topics where Analyst Notes are not to descriptive? Or Maybe you recommend Analyst Notes & Schwesser? I passed LI by studying Schwesser bit since the CFAI requires you pay / buy the books think maybe to skip the whole Schwesser exersice and rely only to Analyst Notes - what you think? Thank you & Good Luck for the exams

Hello - Can please someone give me some advice? Thank you!!

search forums. wait until L2 exam is over with to ask this question. stop crapping up our forum 1 week before the very hard test w/ your pedantic question.

haha. i knew a response like that was coming. Its kinda hard to give advice until we know we passed. I could say Schweser is great, but if i get 30% on the exam, well then it probably wasnt so great. I could say Schweser is terrible, then ace the exam, and then schweser probably was pretty good. If you really wanna start studying now, just use CFAI for 3 months. Then youll still have 9 months to get a recommendation based on our results. In the end, i think all the prep providers are good (or they wouldnt be around). Its really the effort and work you put in.

All right people. Wish you all the best for the Exam. Take care

thanks! Be sure to check back in August, you will see plenty of love and hate for the prep providers then.

I would do: 1 study session of schweser to get an overview the same session in the CFAI. repeat step 1 and 2 for the rest of the study session. you ll be golden