please help!!!

mock exams are really hard for me.

my score in schweser pratice exams are between 65-80 percent.but i dont know why my mock score are really low, between 40-60. are mock exams harder than practice exams of schweser?

Relax, Its still too early to judge yourself. You have over 5 weeks to bump up your scores.

Schweser is marginally easier that the CFAI… Mostly schweser questions are repititive and focus more on formulae than the concept.

I loose all of my self-condidance.I dont know what to do?!!!:((

if I fail exam i lost all of my life:(.I bet on this exam with my boss.opportunity cost of this exam for me is 20,000 dollar:(

^you quit your job or something?

yes i quit my job for this exam.i am so nervous

If this is a troll then bravo! Well played!

If not a troll, then why would you ever quit your job to take this exam? That’s just moronic. This isn’t the bar or the med boards which have a 80+% pass rate. This is one of the hardest tests made and even with all the studying in the world they can still put some bs on it and bam you fail. Experience trumps CFA anyway, so unless you were in some BO job this was a dumb decision.

“This is one of the hardest tests made”


With a 40% pass rate, and only being offered once a year CFA L II is one of if not the hardest tests out there. Actuary exams offered multiple times a year so they don’t qualify, same for CPA. You get one shot on a test you’ll most likely fail. The bar, med boards, nothing comes close.

Well if you studied really hard and did well on the mock exams, I don’t think it’s right to say, “My chance to pass is 40%.” That assumes you are the living avatar of the average person taking the exam.

I don’t know why anyone would quit their job to take a CFA exam. And not even close to being “one of the hardest exams”

But… a low pass rate doesn’t necessarily show that the exam is difficult. It could also mean that the candidate pool is weak, which it is when compared to the MCAT, bar, or other exams.

I’ve taken the MCAT back when I thought I was going to be a doctor, and it really isn’t hard. The chemistry and physics is high school level. Reading comp is simple. Organic is tricky but it’s such a smal part of the Bio part that you can get away without acing it.

The bar ha! My gf passed it with a week of prep after sleeping through all of the BarBri classes, she did use the notes though. Also with the bar if you pass 5 of the 9 sections, and fail, then you only have to take 2 to pass it the next time it’s offered. If I had that deal I’d only have 3 sections to take this year, and my life would be a wholleeeee lot easier. Not to mention the bar pass rate is 72% or seomthing nationwide for the whole pool including barely accredited uselss law schools.

dont fight with each other:D.I know what to do.

I must win this battle.I will fight for glory.for everything that I want have

everything is true,nothing is impossible.

I will do my best.