Please! I need help!

Is there any reason, with respect to the TVM buttons, that when I hit 9, and then N (for instance), that the 9 would carry over to EVERY other TVM button? Meaning: I hit 9, then I hit N. Then if I hit PMT, 9 is already there. So if I hit 5 and PMT, and then hit FV, 5 is already there. Basically, I cant seem to enter different numbers for 4 of the five buttons, to solve for the 5th. Ive never seen this problem before and maybe I just hit a button inadvertently. FWIW, there’s a tiny little arrow pointing left on top of the number for any of the 5 buttons, which I dont believe Ive ever seen before. Help is appreciated.

To show what is currently in one of the variables, you need to press RCL, then whichever variable key. The hollow arrow above the number just indicates something has been input.

2ND CLR TVM zeros out all the variables; to set the variables, you enter a number, then press the appropriate variable key.