please please help

I just got a offer from Goldman, but it is a operation type of job, would that count for the cfa working experience? thxs a lot!

what’s the position name? You should really call the institute and ask… they are nice…

I HIGHLY doubt it.

You would have to be a fool to take/turn down a job because it did or did not count towards cfa work experience. You need to re-examine why you’re going through the CFA program if you are thinking about making a decision based on this.

Just cuz the firm is goldman doesn’t mean its a good job. Goldman has a lot of crappy jobs too guys. BUt i agree to turn down a job cuz it won’t count towards CFA experience when otherwise you like everything else about a job would be…silly.

I agree. you shouldn’t turn down a job because it doesn count towards the designation. the employer only cares that you already passed the exams, I doubt they actually put a lot of weight if you are a member or not.