Please review my resume!

Hi guys, Currently working in an accounting/finance role, reasonably happy but would appreciate bigger challenges (think IB). Recent Graduate (2007). I would really appreciate any feedback! And if you could briefly mention your years experience and field of work with your feedback then it would be much appreciated! Cheers,

I am in the same position :slight_smile: Looking to move to the equity research, but no luck… Talking about your CV, I’d better concentrate on the skills you managed to develop while working in the finance role and try to give a clear message what skills are transferable. For ex. ‘build up practical knowledge of option hedging strategies’ or sth like that. Also drop off the description of the Dept, this slows down a reader. On average employers have 30sec to go through your CV. Employers are intrested in what you can do and how this is going to affect them.

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