Please start posting your CFA Mock Exam Scores!

Please start posting your CFA Mock Exam Scores! and Tell every1 wat to do in the last 36 days.

0% I wonder were im going wrong :frowning:

100%, 100% , 100% help I’m freaking out I won’t pass! (just kidding), I posted this in anticipation of high score cry babies, seen last May… 65% avg over the first three tests

DJ Turn it up up up up up up

Ok guys, these mocks have given us a lot of trouble in the past… maybe I can get a number crunch real quick… I’m coming up with thirty-two point three three, repeating of course, percentage, of survival. A lot better than I usually get with stuff… I’ll just stick to the plan

at least i have chicken

not before 20 days from now :slight_smile:

Omar Adnan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > not before 20 days from now :slight_smile: +1

can we put ex ante scores? but won’t make much difference. I can accurately predict poor scores. Can we put level 1 mock scores again?

I took my first practice test on Saturday. It was the BSAS Mock and I didn’t do that well. I got a 61%. My worst sections were Equity and FSA so I know what I need to work on.

61% morning session Schwesser… 1st mock

you know its going badly when you fail to make the mimimum expected grade from guessing (<33.333 percent) lol

can’t even make a mock without peeking in my notes. so no objective score here.

58.33% CFA Mock morning Session. Need to work a lot this month…

Schweser Mocks so far… Volume 1 Exam 1 AM: 71% Exam 1 PM: 63% Exam 2 AM: 78% (ethics crushed me) Exam 2 PM: 85% I am scared to take a CFAI mock, but will try one this weekend.

I’m scoring between 55-65% on average on schweser mocks however i find CFAI mocks kind of easier… Did anyone face the same problem where he didnt pass mocks and passed the real exam? thanks

DJ Turn it up up up up up up up!!

Volume 1, Exam 3 morning session 65%.

Volume 2, Exam 2 morning session 72%

do u think the final exam gonna be easier or the same level of difficulty of the mock ??