Please stop posting CFA Mock Exam questions

There are a large number of mock exam questions being posted lately. Having the questions posted and discussed here greatly reduces the value of the exams for those of us who have not taken all of them yet. Not to mention it against the code…

If you have not taken the mock, how do you know the Qs are from mock?!!!

yeah that’s bad, because results will be biased. It would be nice, if they mention it is a mock exam q.

I think lot of people are trying to clarify the concepts that were asked in the exams through this forum. With 5 days to go for actual exam, I think its the right time to clarify doubts if any.

thunder, I completely agree

Ask about the concept then… don’t post the questions. And a flag in the subject line would be helpful. As for the mock exams, there are several… i’ve taken the first and noticed the comparisons here… and don’t want the others to be screwed for me too.

what about SPOILER ALERT in the subject line. Agreed?

I agree with MCF… When you take the test you see a lot of familiar questions and inflates your score… How about having a rule. Questions from CFA mock / sample need to identified in the subject line such as Mock 1 or 2 / Sample 1 2 3 followed by question subject… Folks can decide if they want to review it or not…

I agree… “mock alert” in the subject line :slight_smile:

Cool. Like the consensus.

how about just a * in front of the subject then … i’m getting lasy lately and time is precious

Actually, saying the test it’s from in the subject line makes for pretty nice research after the fact.