Please vote. Exam preparation June 08

Question 1 You will sit down and learn A) 0 - 30 hours B) 30 - 60 hours C) 60 - 120 hours D) more than 120 hours Question 2 A) I feel well prepared B) I feel badly prepared C) Prepared? I still didn’t begin. D) I won’t go to exam in June 08

This must be a Schweser question, it is a little confusing, but I will go with (1) D and feeling (2) B but getting to A each day.

Hmmm…I will go with 1 (D), as I have studied way more than 120 hours…as for 2…I would say it is some level between (A) and (B), and changes on a daily basis…

  1. D 2. In between A and B

put in exactly 220 hrs worth so far (been tracking since day one)…fresh on the CFP, i figure i will put in another 30 by test time… i feel OK. getting anywhere from 60-80 on Schweser exams,63 on cfai sample exam 3 weeks ago. coming along slowly but surely. its like trudging through and endless swamp of material. when its comes to tests like these i dont think its very easy to feel confident and comfortable. i figure to just learn as much as you possibly can and remember no matter what they say, this test is pretty much graded on a curve. smart people are studying a lot for this exam so put in more time that you feel is necessary. CRUNCH TIME!!!

sorry ,all my rambling i forgot to answer,just like when i miss reading those least likely or most likely questions! 1D 2= half A and half B

1 d : though am currently in ‘c’ option but ll soon move to ‘d’ option 2 a/b shuffling between two.


  1. B Started strong but got kind of burnt out mid April… but still put in at least 200hrs since mid December. Forgot a lot of it. 2)B I think I can get my Qbank scores higher (68-70ish) but haven’t taken any mocks yet. Taking the Boston Society and book 6 hopefully this weekend. When I open my CFA text books to review I see things that aren’t in schweser and get very worried. I hear stories of people studying for 30 hours and passing and think I could put in another 30 hours and it still wouldn’t be enough.

1 D 2 B going to A Isn’t it interesting to see how the relativity theory applies to time when the exam is approaching?

Hopefully the law of diminishing returns is not in the case.

Yep… hope we will benefit from economies of scale lol

D and I’d have to say somewhere between A and B as well. It’s weird how some days I’ll feel confident then the next I feel I have no hope