pleasure reading after the exam - i thought

the day after the test, i went to border’s to buy a book that had nothing to do w/ finance, some pleasure reading i’ve been wanting to do for a long time. so i picked up a book by john feinstin, the sportswriter, “tales from Q school - golf’s fifth major” . for background, Q school is held once a year for players who need to qualify to make the pga tour. if they don’t make it, they have to wait, you guessed it, a whole year without entering any pga tournaments, which is how golfers make money. and in the first chapter, a golfer is quoted, talking about Q school, “you aren’t asked to do anything at Q school you aren’t capable of doing. but you have to do it THIS WEEK. not next week, not last week, THIS week. There’s no appeal, no way to get a second chance, and there’s very little margin for error. Too many guys playing for too few spots… there’s no tension in sports quite like this tension” i can think of a tension that feels just like that. so much for forgetting about the test with “pleasure reading”. it’s actually a very good book though.

I have read that. I liked it. Being a golf nut, I always enjoy hearing good q-bank stories (er q-school).