Plz advise

Hi, I have finished almost 80% of the course from Schweser and have started revision… 1 good thing (or bad) abt Schweser is that it quantifies even the theoretical concepts. But problem with such approach is that in exam questions might be more qualitative than quantitative. Also comprehension of questions might b a problem for sm1 who has read out n out from Schweser.( as i face when i read threads of ppl who r reading frm CFA material.Their discussion is so different frm Schweser books). Plz advise if i should start reading from CFA books or should i concentrate on schweser n emphasize on practicing more on more question?? Do i have time to read CFA books?

Schweser is awesome, just re-read everything 2-3x and you will be fine. A lot of people have passed only using Schweser.

Maybe you should just stick to Schweser and do a LOT of questions!

My strat-Read both! If 80% is done from Schweser then you comfy.I’m currently like 50% done but making notes from the CFAI module notes in Schweser cos I think they’re coverage sucks in some areas

I agree manavecplan. Biggest poblem with using Schweser is that m always apprehensive that i might b missing sm imp concepts. This Schweser vs. CFA debate ( though very cliché) really sucks smtimes…i end up wasting my time switching btwn schweser and CFA.

When i took the exam in june. alot was concepts. Like, i seriously saw questions that were repeats from the CFAI material, just different numbers. And no question is too tough where youll have to spend more than 5 minutes on it. Either you know it, or you dont… and if you know it, dont get tricked! Thus, learn concepts very well… alot of the calculations will already be done for you… i was upset i didint have to piece together dupont analysis. All the pieces were given to me in a problem… boo urns.